Agustín Paviolo, Carlos De Angelo, Yamil Di Blanco, Carolina Ferrari, Mario Di Bitetti, Carlos Benhur Kasper, Fábio Mazim, José Bonifácio G. Soares and Tadeu Gomes de Oliveira

At the June 2005 IUCN/SSC/Cat Specialist Group Workshop in Brazil on the “Status and conservation needs of the Neotropical Felids”, Argentine and Brazilian researchers were surprised to learn that the same jaguar Panthera onca had been photographed by camera traps in both countries. The Brazilian researchers (Kasper, Mazim, Soares and de Oliveira) “captured” the animal during their sampling activities at Turvo State Park, in Brazil, and the Argentine group (Paviolo, De Angelo, Di Blanco, Ferrari and Di Bitetti) photographed the same animal two months later, 36 km away, during their field study in Yabotí Biosphere Reserve, in Argentina (Fig. 1). The jaguar is a large male in good physical condition (Fig 2); his home range most likely encompasses areas of Argentina and Brazil.