The Action Plan for Jaguar Conservation in the Misiones Green Corridor gathers the information that has been generated so far to outline and prioritize the most urgent actions to preserve the jaguar in the region. The Action Plan is a strategy developed by different institutions: The Jaguar Project (CeIBA), the National Parks Administration, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Renewable Resources of Misiones, Argentina Wildlife Foundation, the Natural History Foundation Felix de Azara, and the Jaguar Network.

We follow a strategy developed by a democratic and participatory process involving all regional institutions and community. The overall objective is to increase the size of the wild jaguar population in the Green Corridor up to 250 adult individuals and to ensure their conservation for future generations.

This is the first Plan for this species at regional level in Argentina. The Jaguar Project is focused on supplying information about the jaguar and the threats it faces in order to guide the efforts of other institutions to the most effective actions towards protecting the species.