To collaborate with Proyecto Yaguareté you can do it by different ways, one of them is to spread the information about the situation of the jaguar, its needs and the activities that we make to preserve it, also, you can communicate the different activities and actions that we carry out avaliable in our web page

You can add to our Facebook/Twitter, to share and to spread the information, it is of great help to achieve changes that allow us to preserve this species in Argentina. Another way of collaborating with the Project Yaguerté is to help ourselves to obtaining financial support to support the activities that we develop.

Before any possibility of collaboration of this type please communicate with us by e-mail: or by phone: +54 3757 423511 .

Donations: Cuenta Corriente del Banco Nación Número 41500372/46 en pesos, Sucursal Puerto Iguazú. CBU: 01104152-20041500372464 CUIT: 30-70988410-3 Name: Asociación Civil Centro de Investigaciones del Bosque Atlántico

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