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ARATIRÍ (the jaguar): the great hunter

Aratirí, one of the male jaguar of the northern Misiones, surprised us again with its powerful ability to hunt. On Friday 11 March the Jaguar Project went to the Forest Reserve San Jorge after being notified of the finding of a dead tapir in the area with obvious signs of predation by a big cat. [...]

Puma density, habitat use and conflict with humans in the Argentine Chaco

Verónica A. Quiroga, Andrew J. Noss, Agustín Paviolo, Gabriel I. Boaglio, Mario S. Di Bitetti Abstract The puma Puma concolor is the most widely distributed felid in the Americas. Although it utilizes humanmodified landscapes, its extensive territorial requirements,trophic needs, and real or perceived threats to livestock render the puma susceptible to conflict with humans. Our [...]

How to approach science to society? Science Week and Jaguar Project

Se desarrolló en Puerto Iguazú la Semana Nacional de la Ciencia y la Tecnología. Es una acción de divulgación de la ciencia en la que museos, centros de investigación, bibliotecas, academias de ciencia, jardines botánicos, universidades, clubes de ciencia, escuelas, cines y teatros de todo el país, te ofrecen un conjunto de actividades para acercar [...]

Happy Hour for jaguars: Second Edition

Besides, “Jaguar Friends Awards ” was held in recognition of the commitment to the species On Friday 6 May we celebrated a new edition of the “Happy Hour por el Yaguareté “, organized by the Jaguar Project ( CeIBA -IBS ) , in order to share the latest results of the work carried out by [...]