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The jungle is in mourning once again

The routes that cross protected areas in Misiones became a deadly trap for jaguars again. On Sunday, March 25, on Provincial Route 19 within the Urugua-í Provincial Park, a female jaguar was run over and killed by a car. The seriousness of this fact was further deepened when we found that this female was pregnant [...]

█ New brochure: jaguars in Great Chaco T [/ mks_dropcap] he new brochure was designed to raise awareness of the serious situation of the species in the region with the most threatened jaguar population in Argentina. This material was prepared in conjunction with the Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina, with the support of the [...]


A study led by researchers from Proyecto Yaguareté found that more than 85 percent of jaguar habitat was lost in the Atlantic Forest – the ecological region of nearly 2 million square kilometers that covers the Argentine province of Misiones, Paraguay and reaches the center of Brazil – and that populations currently resist at only [...]


On June 17th we started the 2nd Environmental Education Campaign to Conserve Jaguars in Gran Chaco. The biologist Silvia Benito, with Sebastian Cirignoli and biologist Facundo Robino toured the province of Formosa visiting 18 schools and places of the area. More than 400 children and youth participated in education and awareness activities focused on jaguars [...]

Genética de la Conservación para estudiar al yaguareté

In these days, Patricia Mirol CONICET researcher biologist who works at the Argentine Museum of Natural Sciences Bernardino Rivadavia ( MACN ) was with the team of Proyecto Yaguarete . Patricia is a specialist in conservation genetics and applies the knowledge of the genome of mammals to protect endangered species . Together with Dr. Agustin [...]

Local and continental determinants of giant anteater (Myrmecophaga tridactyla) abundance: Biome, human and jaguar roles in population regulation

Verónica Quiroga, Andres Noss, Gabriel Boaglio y Mario Di Bitetti Mammalian Biology (2016) Abstract: The giant anteater (Myrmecophaga tridactyla) is currently found in a wide variety of habitats from Honduras to Argentina. Across this wide range, researchers have postulated that anteater populations are negatively affected by several factors, including hunting, habitat loss and fragmentation, fire, [...]